Friday, May 8, 2009

Spring Fever

by Nicole of designs by lulu belle

There is nothing like a few warm days in Boston to really make you feel like summer is around the corner. Winter seemed especially long this year and I really needed to work outside my comfort zone to gain some inspiration (and new skills in the process).

I took a quilting class as a child but don't think I ever completed anything but the quilt made in the class. Each of my children requested a special quilt for this upcoming Christmas, so I figured I'd better learn basics and get started. After doing some research on the basics, I hit the ground running. I don't really need much arm-twisting to play with fabric!

In the past two weeks, I've finished two quilts and I must say I was really missing out. I've always loved incorporating patchwork into my bags but there is definitely a feeling of success when you finish hand-sewing the binding on.

Here are a few things I've been working on:

This is a mini quilt for my sewing space, it never hurts to have a punch of color for some inspiration.

And a half pieced quilt for my daughter. I have high hopes of finishing it this weekend and sending it off to be quilted.


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