Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sketchbook Love

by Jaye of Thirteenth Story

Some people love shopping for shoes, but in my world, you can never have too many sketchbooks. I carry one with me everywhere I go, and keep them scattered about my house, always ready for a moment of inspiration or distraction.

I have always been taught that sketching every day is critical to ones growth in drawing, and I thought it might be nice to share some of my favorite sketchbooks, in case, like me, you love to draw and are a bit of a paper fiend.

So, along with my pocket-sized moleskine, here are a few of my favorites:

The NoteSketch book from Bienfang
This spiral-bound notebook comes in a selection of layouts. I've chosen the blank top, lined bottom as best for working with cartoons. Its great to sketch and list all on the same page neatly.

The Art Spiral from CARnet
This one is lightweight and durable. It is filled with 48, acid-free, 120lb white pages. It has a brilliant yellow ribbon closure, that lets it double as a display. The pages are (sadly) not perforated. My favorite part is that the top three rings of the spiral binding are the same color as the ribbon; for whatever reason, looking at that three renegade twists make me smile.

The Monk Journal by Artisan Graham
This is my favorite ever. Its handmade by an Etsy member, if you click on his name above, it will take you to the shop. Its heavy. Its handsome. Its so magnificent on the outside, that whatever goes in it pales by comparison, but it just doesn't matter. Acid free hand torn pages with deckled edges. Plus, it has buckles!

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  1. Jaye I am so there with you! I must have a sketch book on every flat surface in my house. That that buckled one is gorgeous!


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