Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Hunt

by Brooke Pickering of Bancroft Studios

One of the added bonuses about being part of Boston Handmade are the friendships that are built. In the town right next door lives fellow BHer Marla of seaglassthings who not only makes incredible jewelry but is always up for an adventure! Recently I decided that I was working entirely too much and was determined to take advantage of a beautiful weekend afternoon so Marla and I set out on a sea glass hunt. In my little boat, armed with a chart and some drinks, we set out with the hopes of finding the mother load! Marla had heard that Misery Island of the coast of Salem was supposed to be a treasure trove of glass so once we arrived, found a mooring to tie the boat to, we were off!
All that separated us from the treasure was about 25 yrds of icy water! With a splash and some squeals we caught our breath and landed no worse for wear on the shore. And a few hours later……..payday!

Can't wait to see all the beautiful things Marla makes from this stash!


  1. Next time, try George's Island in the Boston Harbor.. More seaglass than I've seen in my life! I had to resist stuffing my pockets, purse, and coffee cup full of little bits!

  2. So happy to have found your blog! I grew up in Burlington and am missing Mass so much (and Fenway). Am also a fellow Etsy seller so I will definately add you to my blog roll! Your blog is wonderful!

    Michelle :)


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