Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Attempt at Jewelry Making

By Crystal of Vintage by Crystal

Jewels are what's been on my brain lately! Not real jewels...but "new antique" jewelry! Ever since I took Kaari Meng's rosary necklace workshop at Silver Bella (a fabulous national artist's retreat in Omaha, NE) I've been dying to make more necklaces and maybe even some earrings! The masterpiece above is what I came home with after Kaari's class. She had the best materials and was so helpful while I was learning...and it was fun! I had made some cheesy hemp jewelry in highschool, but nothing as pretty as this!
So, the other night I went around my studio and gathered up all the materials I could use to make something pretty. I have all different sorts of pearls and buttons and beads...
...I also gathered up all of my adorable little charms. My mom always had the best charms in her own stash and I'm lucky enough to have a few of them now (sssshhh...don't tell her!). I'm officially hooked on vintage charms!
It was fun to see the materials all together in one place and it made me really excited to get started!
I went to the little bead shop on Newbury Street to buy the right pliers (round nosed I think they're called??) and some other supplies. When I got home I wasted no time in getting started! We had guests over, but that didn't stop me! Unfortunately I got off to a questionable start. Turns out I needed to buy brass colored eye pins and chain to really get the look I was after. Sigh...I ordered them online and I'm hoping they'll get here tomorrow!

I guess Great Grandma's czech glass beads will have to wait...

Until then I've been getting inspired by Amy Hanna's fabulous jewelry making book, Rejuvenated Jewels. This bird necklace on the front cover is ultimately divine! Besides all the eye-candy, there are lots of helpful hints inside. I recommend it!

I did actually managed to "make" this necklace. It's super pretty, but also super simple. Just a small chandelier crystal on an old chain! If you've got those two things lying around like I was lucky enough to of had, you've got a brand new necklace in 10 seconds flat! :)
Also while I wait for my supplies I've been admiring the jewelry I currently have in my collection. Lots of vintage pieces and pieces made by artist friends. This old brass rack (used during the first season of the Boston Handmade Downtown Gallery) is the perfect storage's a great display and easy access!
I also have a fairly good collection of vintage brooches (love to wear them!). I keep some of them in my mini claw foot tub.
And the others I keep in my little seashell box. One or two of them just might end up on a new necklace! :)

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  1. How fun!!! I can't wait to see all your creations through the coming year. Will you have some jewelry at the Cabin Fever Show?


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