Thursday, January 28, 2010

These are all the things I made in one day...

by Cristina of Cristina Hurley Jewelry Design

I am a very creative person, as all are in this group and many out of this group are as well. I was making this ring at my bench last week, late at night, and started making a list in my head of all the things I had made that day. I figured I would share this list with you since it started to get long, and a bit ridiculous as well. Many of us don't realize how much MAKING we do in a day...

Today I made the following things:

My bed.

A STRONG pot of coffee. THANK GOD.

a lunch box for my daughter and one for my husband as well.

a note for my daughters teacher, explaining why her homework was not going to make it to school that day.


A list of things I had to do that day. Good luck on this one I said to myself.

An *ss of myself in exercise class. But it was worth it.

This ring- See above.


a bit of a mess trying to make a new banana bread recipe. But it tasted good Yum!

More of this ring. It took a looooong time.


A school project (well, I didn't really make it but I helped.)

A story up for my daughter at bed time.

This ring. UGH.

A drink to relax at the end of my long day. :)

Whew! busy day- We make a lot in one day including our projects/artwork and it made me feel better about thinking, sometimes erroneously, that I NEVER get anything done.

What did YOU make today?


  1. Love this post Cristina! And the ring is beautiful :) These days I think I am mostly making milk for my new baby boy, but so far today I've also made oatmeal cookies, an article for my Boston Arts Examiner column, lots of emails, a cup of tea, part of a knitted scarf, and I made the baby giggle.

  2. Hi
    I really like the ring that your made - what was the metal that you used?
    I have a treasures box and I'd love to do something pretty with the mother of pearl buckles, buttons and gems!


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