Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Digital Mixed Media

By Chris of Christine Marie Art

People often ask if my work is encaustic, and the answer is no. The piece shown here, "Scenes from a Pond," is a digitally composed collage, created with layers and layers of photos I took at a local pond, scans of painted fabric, and other imagery. The digital collage is then printed on special film, and transferred to panels which have been painted with a metallic acrylic wash, and prepared to receive the ink from the film. Sometimes I will add collage or texture to the panels before transferring the digital image. Then I seal the image with a UV resistant polymer coating. I think because of all the layers it sometimes has the effect of encaustic, but is not. Maybe one day I will add that to the mix!

Because there are so many different ways to create digital mixed media, I have created a blog (Digital Mixed: the people, products and processes making news in digital mixed media) so that I could keep track all in one place. It is a new work in progress, but I have already added several classes and workshops offered this summer that look VERY interesting. My goal is to expose the many talented artists incorporating digital processes in creative ways -- across a variety of media -- and to discuss the people, products and processes involved in creating digital mixed media art. Take a look, and add to the mix!

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  1. I am understand why people would ask about your work being encaustic...if you are looking only at visual texture, not the physical texture the question makes sense :) I love the visual texture of your work.


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