Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Aloha Wedding Jewelry

by Nancy of nancyrosetta

Recently I was commissioned to make bridesmaids jewelry for a bride in California. She wanted rings, pendants and bracelets all made with my aloha flowers. I hadn't made aloha bracelets yet, so I sketched out some possibilities and she chose 3 different designs. One bangle, one cuff and two chain bracelets with the aloha flowers as a charm. (Don't mind the coffee stain)

I am really pleased with how the bracelets came out, and will be making more to add to my aloha line.

The Cuff turned out to be a challenge for me. Sketching it was easy, the execution, not so much. Trying to figure out how to make it delicately cut out while still having strength enough not to break in the center turned out to be a lesson I will not soon forget. Without getting into all the nitty gritty, I ended up cutting the flower out separately, riviting it to a strip of sterling and then cutting out the flower openings (again) from the strip.

All the jewelry happily posing together.

The finished bracelets.

And the star of the show... in my opinion :)

I love making jewelry for bridal parties! Keep those commissions coming!


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