Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Round Two with Photographing Sea Glass Jewelry

By Marla Kunselman of Sea Glass Things

Here are a few more pics taken and edited by my good friend Nikki (who also happens to be the VP of Creative for AMP Agency in Boston) - these are a little different as we were trying to protect the integrity of the freshwater pearls.

This has been a huge challenge when editing these photographs - reducing glare on the pearls and keeping their true form and texture. Nikki's professional camera made a huge difference with these particular pieces - because Jakie and I were having a really tough time with them. However, Nikki stated that using a stylist is the way to do this (as Allison from Fraske Designs did as well) - and might be something I should think about in the future. We have to see first how this takes off! Eco1stArt is supposed to launch in June - so we shall see!

1 comment :

  1. Beautiful photographs! You have done a wonderful job of editing the photos and must have an excellent photographer.



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