Friday, November 12, 2010

Operation C.U.P.

by Arthur Halvorsen

I wanted to tell all the followers of the Boston Handmade blog about the movement I got off the ground starting last year. The movement is called Operation C.U.P. (Citizens Using Pottery) and the point of it is to get handmade cups into the hands of people that normally wouldn't buy handmade. So it works like this, you and I buy a handmade cup the point is to then gift it to our best friend. Who else do you know better then your best friend? On my fan site Arthur Halvorsen Ceramics I am posting a daily link to a cup up until Christmas, that I find online through etsy, online galleries and directly through the artist as well. This has been a labor of love and I'm really excited to be doing it for a second year in a row. So please become a fan on facebook so you too can be part of the Operation C.U.P. movement.

*If you do partake in this I would love for people to post a photo of their cup in use, best friend opening the cup or whatever. I would love to see those photos!


  1. Me too! Handmade cups for everyone this year. They do make great gifts!

  2. Become a fan on facebook and you'll see the daily postings. I'm posting cups that are great for every financial situation. I'm also making a conscious effort to post established artists, emerging artists and ones you and I have never heard of! I hope you all enjoy!

  3. I love it! What about a handmade candle in a recycled glass cup? Would that count? It looks and smells like a Vanilla Latte and can be used for the cup when the candle is gone. Also, I live in Boston and would love to find out how to be part of your group! I make stuff and have an Etsy shop too.


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