Thursday, November 11, 2010

San Francisco Vegan Fashion Show Update

by Laura Collins of Pansy Maiden

The San Francisco Vegan Fashion Show was a fantastic success! The event was well orchestrated and very well attended---we played to a full house with people standing in the back. The brands represented were all amazing and the people I met were super nice. The best part--my bags were incredibly well received! Better than I could have even imagined. At one point in the show, Rory Freedman (the emcee and author of Skinny Bitch) announced "That is the cutest clutch I have ever seen." And it was my new vegan suede "Use What Ya Got Clutch!" I was so tickled! Oh, and my two minute presentation on Pansy Maiden wasn't so bad. I had been so nervous to speak in front of so many people!

One of the goals of this fashion event was to prove that cruelty-free fashion can be more than just hemp, polyester, and plastic. I believe that this show definitely proved that point, and hopefully, audience members will take that knowledge and run with it. There is no longer a reason for vegans to "settle" for blasé fashion that just "happens to be" vegan. There are many up-and-coming vegan designers out there making it easy to be both fashionable AND vegan! Even if someone isn't vegan, they could still wear any item from any designer represented at the fashion show and feel (and look) good about what they are wearing.

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