Friday, July 29, 2011

Social Networking Sometimes Equals Sales

by Nancy of nancyrosetta

Recently, I re-connected with a girl I went to elementary school with on Facebook. It was really great to see current pictures of her and her family, and to be back in touch after 30 something years.

A couple of weeks ago, she convo'ed me through Etsy asking if I could make her and her best friend some pendants. She asked for a simple heart with an initial in the center. One with an 'H' and one with a 'C'. I was so happy that she liked my jewelry enough to ask for a special order!

I told her that I would draw up some sketches and she could choose which ones she liked, and she poopoo'd that idea saying that whatever I made she would love. So I made her the pendants in the pictures below, and I thought I would take some pictures as I went along.

First, I drew my designs out in some sterling silver sheet.

Then I rough cut the design out to make the silver easier to maneuver, and drill little holes to get ready to pierce out the design.

Here, they are both pierced out and ready for some sanding and a lot of filing.

And here they are finished!
I sent her the pictures, and she loves them! I mailed them today. I can't wait to hear how the 'H' was received by her best friend!

Social networking is more than just connecting with lost friends, it's a way to get your work out there to a massive amount of people who wouldn't know what you do otherwise.

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