Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Versatile Brooch

By Beth of Elizabeth Brennick Designs

A brooch known in ancient times as fibula, has been dated back before Christ and is defined as decorative jewelery designed to be attached to garments. Back then they were primarliy made out of metal and now in the 21st century brooches are still made out of metal but has expanded in so many other mediums. I've seen them made out of ceramics, wood, paper, glass, gemstones, recycled materials, and my favorite fabric and yarn. Different styles of brooches range from flowers, animals, art, photos, feathers, etc...

I enjoy making brooches and find my customers enjoy them too, either purchased for themselves or as gifts. You can't go wrong since you can pin them on anything and they can be worn all year round. Above on the jacket is two flowers made out of felt in red and burgandy. Below is a crocheted cowl with a crocheted flower and leaf.

Attached to the hat below is a flower made out of satin fabric. I've also made flowers out of organza, jersey knit fabric that was recyled, and a yo-yo style made from fabric with a button in the middle. Brooches are also fun to teach kids to make. You can make a very simple brooch for cheap money. For the past two Christmas's the women in my family have gotten brooches made from yarn and organza fabric, both flowers in their favorite colors.

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