Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hibou Designs at West Elm and Bazaar Bizarre

by Anne-Claire of Hibou Designs

That has been a busy week but it was also a fun week! The Etsy/West Elm pop-up Holiday shop at the Burlington location (MA) on Thursday December 1st was very nice and also a great occasion for me to explore new territories as I made some specific pieces for this event.

I made some animal decorative pillows that looked really cool on their sofas! Check it out in the pics below.

Owls, elephants, penguins, fish, crocodile... there was a whole menagerie there :)

A big Thank You to Etsy and West Elm for organizing this event especially to Kate Downey the West Elm/Burlington MA store manager and all the staff as well as to Vanessa Bertozzi, Director of Community and Education at Etsy.

I am looking forward to do this again soon!
Then on Sunday the 4th there was the amazing Boston Bazaar Bizarre craft fair! As usual it was really good and very busy. I had a fantastic time and I'm already looking forward to do it again next year :)

I had the opportunity to test some new designs which is always good as there is nothing better than getting comments directly from your customers! I had a lot of positive feedbacks and want to thank everyone for their support and kind words about my work, it means the world to me and it is what keeps me going so a big THANK YOU to you!

Here are a few pics... one of them with my son who came to see "Mama's plush show" :)

A little display rehearsal at home before the show...

The Muscle Marcel plushies are quietly observing the crowd! The one with the red stripes and the heart and dagger tattoo found a new home soon after :)

Here I am with my son Jack, without the inspiration of whom a lot of these plush wouldn't exist...

Happy "Bad Mood Eating Monsters", elephants and penguins enjoying the spotlights.

Here is my newest design, the fish pillow. In from is my little happy crocodile with his own habitat :)

A big Thank You again to the organizers of BBB who were extremely helpful and attentive. I really felt like they rolled out the red carpet for us crafters this year and it is rare enough to be mentioned and applauded :)

Another big Thank You too to my customers and all the people I had the pleasure to chat with, I really enjoyed meeting you and am looking forward to see you again soon in my little Etsy shop!

Happy Holidays!

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