Friday, December 9, 2011

West Elm Inspiration

By Arthur of Arthur Halvorsen Ceramics

Over the weekend my friends were having a party at their apartment in the South End and they wanted to do a crafting project, naturally as the only artist in the group they asked me to put something together. I was a little scrambled as to what to do with them because I couldn't do clay, it's too messy and not portable at all. A few nights before Boston Handmade did the awesome project at West Elm where we folded paper into ornaments courtesy of Etsy and it donned on me that I should do that!

So off to Michael's I went. I got heavy card stock and foam stickers to decorate with and my friends LOVED doing it! I just wish I grabbed a few of the extra blanks that we had left over from our event at West Elm. Well, I still think that they came out really good and my friends really enjoyed the project, luckily I was one of the people doing a fold-a-thon at West Elm because some of my friends needed help but they all came out great. We didn't have a place to hang them right then and there so I decided to hang them for my friends off their chandelier in their living room, and I think they look pretty cool hanging there! Enjoy the photos!

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