Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Handmade for Kids: How to Make a Travel Art Box

by Bev Feldman of Linkouture

Between summer vacation and trips to the beach, perhaps more than any other time of the year people find themselves constantly on the go during the summer months. I have days where I feel like I have barely unpacked my bag before I have to pack it all over again, and I haven't even gone on vacation yet this summer!
The wonderful thing about making art is it can be done anywhere. All you need is your imagination and a way to express yourself. You can help your children express their creativity on the go with these easy-to-assemble art boxes using items you probably already have laying around your house.

Suggested items:
  • Some type of container (I recommend a shoebox if you have one that isn't being used, you can even have your child decorate it)
  • Writing/coloring utensils, such as colored pencils, markers, and/or crayons (just be aware if you keeping this in your car the crayons might melt!)
  • Something to write/color on (scrap paper, construction paper, a small notebook, or a journal)
  • Glue sticks and/or tape
  • Recycled materials, such as paper towel tubes, ribbon, tissues paper, and egg cartons
  • Scissors (but not if you're planning on take this on an airplane or if it is going to be used in the car)
  • Stickers
  • Yarn
  • Buttons
  • Paper clips
  • Any other items you or your children can think of

You and your child can work together to hunt around your house to see what kinds of items would be fun to include. Keep the box stashed in your car, ready for long trips, or have your child bring it with them the next time you fly somewhere (just be sure to remove any items that TSA doesn't allow you to bring on your carry-on) and let your child's imagination run! You can even join in on the fun. After every trip clean it out and replenish any supplies that have run low and throw out any items that have dried out.
What would you include in a travel art box?


  1. Love it and hope you link this up tonight at the Pin It Party with us, too :)

  2. This is a great idea! My 5-year-old already identifies himself as an artist. He's got supplies everywhere and loves to use anything available to him to make art. Having a travel kit with the basics would be perfect!

  3. Aluminum foil! When my daughter was young she used to make foil fairy shoes.

  4. Great idea! My kids love to create, even on the road.

  5. I have to give credit for this one to my brother. He discovered that an empty Altoids box is the perfect size to hold crayons. Great for a travel art box or for a restaurant emergency kit!


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