Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Mosaic: Get out!

curated by Sharon, Stray Notions
Summer is finally here -- time to get outside whether you are an active-ist who likes to bike, sail or surf or more of a passive-ist who prefers enjoy the out of doors on picnic blanket, perhaps with your favorite beverage. And who says you can't be both, right?

1. Bicycle Bracelet Charm // Jewelry for a Cause, by Linkouture -- an awesome piece for a great cause (if I do say so myself)

2. Surfer Culture Mixed Media Collage,  McDonaldMixedMedia -- Shannon has really captured summer with this piece

3. Boston Skyline Print- 5x7- Boston photography. Lucie Wicker - ahoy all you urban sailors

4. Paper quilt art collage, Jessica Burko, maybe just chillin' with friends 

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