Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Inspiration

By Stephanie Cave of Stephanie Cave Design Studio

One of the few artist shacks still in existence at the sand dunes of the National Seashore in Provincetown.
Over the past few years, some of my most inspiring moments as an artist have come from spending time in Provincetown on Cape Cod. This seaside beach town has so much to offer, from galleries, restaurants and shops, to the beautiful seascape, flowers and found objects. It has sparked creativity and happiness, as I’ve been able to spend seemingly timeless moments with friends and family.  

Some of the beautiful scenery that can be seen all over town
Last year I was also fortunate enough to be able to take a couple of art classes to expand my repertoire and this year, I’m doing the same. As an artist who primarily uses textiles to make quilts, home d├ęcor and apparel, I have enjoyed stepping outside of my comfort zone to explore wood blocking, printmaking and collage.

A hand printed piece from my printmaking class.

This summer I am excited to be dabbling in screen printing, bookmaking and drawing. The life of a seamstress is often be confined to strict dimensions and calculations, and so I have found it both enjoyable and challenging to work outside of these parameters. Often my subject matter remains closely tied into my sewing and I find it a refreshing way to approach something I love from a different perspective.  

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