Saturday, August 8, 2009

Disintegration, the Big Reveal

By Chris of Christine Marie Art

During the past winter season, I joined a collaborative effort called Disintegration, spearheaded by Seth Apter of The Altered Page. Little did I know back then what a huge collaboration it would turn out to be. Today, August 1, is the day for the "big reveal" where everyone shows the artwork created by a bundle they placed outside all winter to witness its disintegration. You can see my bundles here and here.

I decided to make a collage using an image of a rose from my Mother's Day bouquet. After the roses had dried a bit, they were still beautiful. I made digital monoprints on japanese washi paper and Arches 88 paper, and paired them with the weathered pages from the disintegration project. Both parts of this art piece seemed destined for each other.

The project itself had over 100 participants. I'm thinking of items I can weather outdoors again this winter and maybe this will become an annual experiment!


  1. sooooo cool!!!! i remember when you started this!

  2. wow such a cool idea for a project! your finished product looks amazing too! :)

  3. Wow, interesting.... And I love the end result!


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